Polish movie actresses born in the year 1986

Here are 8 famous actresses from Poland were born in 1986:

Natalia Rybicka

Natalia Rybicka (October 1, 1986 Warsaw-) is a Polish actor.

Karolina Kominek-Skuratowicz

Karolina Kominek-Skuratowicz (April 27, 1986 Starachowice-) a.k.a. Karolina Kominek is a Polish actor and voice actor.

Olga Frycz

Olga Frycz (June 10, 1986 Kraków-) is a Polish actor.

Gabriela Oberbek

Gabriela Oberbek (December 19, 1986 Kraków-) is a Polish actor.

Kaja Paschalska

Kaja Paschalska (February 25, 1986 Warsaw-) also known as Paschalska, Kaja is a Polish actor.

Agnieszka Wiedlocha

Agnieszka Wiedlocha (January 12, 1986 Łódź-) is a Polish actor.

Katarzyna Wajda

Katarzyna Wajda (July 2, 1986 Poznań-) also known as Catherine Wianecka is a Polish actor. Her children are called Thaddeus Wajda and Tobias Wajda.

Bo Martyn

Bo Martyn (September 27, 1986 Świnoujście-) is a Polish actor.

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