Polish movie actresses died in the year 2012

Here are 6 famous actresses from Poland died in 2012:

Jolanta Rzaczkiewicz

Jolanta Rzaczkiewicz (April 7, 1954 Warsaw-March 28, 2012 Warsaw) was a Polish actor and nurse.

Izabella Wilczynska-Szalawska

Izabella Wilczynska-Szalawska (September 4, 1920 Warsaw-November 20, 2012 Poland) was a Polish actor. Her child is called Marcin Troński.

Alicja Bienicewicz

Alicja Bienicewicz (January 5, 1954 Poland-August 13, 2012 Kraków) also known as Alicia Bienicewicz or Alicja Bienicewicz-Kawiorska was a Polish actor.

Maria Janecka

Maria Janecka (February 24, 1928 Koronowo-July 31, 2012 Warsaw) a.k.a. Maria Dobrzynska or Marysia Dobrzynska was a Polish actor.

Krystyna Ciechomska

Krystyna Ciechomska (November 8, 1921 Warsaw-May 4, 2012 Warsaw) was a Polish actor.

Joanna Bogacka

Joanna Bogacka (December 17, 1945 Gdańsk-November 26, 2012 Sopot) was a Polish actor. She had two children, Łukasz Gordon and Tomasz Surdel.

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