Polish musicians born in the year 1982

Here are 5 famous musicians from Poland were born in 1982:


Onar (December 19, 1982 Warsaw-) is a Polish rapper.

His most well known albums: $uperelak$ and Wszystko co mogę mieć. Genres he performed: Hip hop music.

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Karolina Nowakowska

Karolina Nowakowska (May 17, 1982 Warsaw-) is a Polish , .

Genres related to her: Pop music.

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Marcin Masecki

Marcin Masecki (September 6, 1982 Warsaw-) also known as Masecki, Marcin is a Polish pianist and composer.

Related albums: Mieso.

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Michał Łapaj

Michał Łapaj (March 8, 1982-) also known as Łapaj, Michał is a Polish keyboard player.

Genres related to him: Progressive metal and Progressive rock.

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Misia Ff

Misia Ff (September 12, 1982 Zielona Góra-) is a Polish musician, singer and journalist.

Genres she performed: Rock music and Indie pop.

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