Polish musicians died when they were 38

Here are 5 famous musicians from Poland died at 38:

Stanisław Wyspiański

Stanisław Wyspiański (January 15, 1869 Kraków-November 28, 1907 Kraków) also known as Stanislaw Wyspianski or Wyspiański, Stanisław was a Polish writer, architect, playwright, painter, poet, furniture designer and interior designer. He had three children, Helenka Wyspiański, Mieczyslaw Wyspiański and Stanisław Wyspiański.

He died caused by syphilis.

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Władysław Syrokomla

Władysław Syrokomla (September 29, 1823 Russian Empire-September 15, 1862 Vilnius) was a Polish writer.

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Jerzy Kaźmirkiewicz

Jerzy Kaźmirkiewicz (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1977) also known as Jerzy Kazmirkiewicz was a Polish scientist and engineer.

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Wilhelm Piec

Wilhelm Piec (November 2, 1915-April 4, 1954 Świętochłowice) was a Polish personality.

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Przemysł II

Przemysł II (October 14, 1257 Poznań-February 8, 1296 Rogoźno) also known as Przemysław, Premislaus, Przemysł or Premyslas was a Polish personality. He had one child, Elizabeth Richeza of Poland.

He died in assassination.

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