Polish musicians died when they were 49

Here are 10 famous musicians from Poland died at 49:

Wanda Rutkiewicz

Wanda Rutkiewicz (February 4, 1943 Plungė-May 13, 1992 Kangchenjunga) was a Polish mountaineer.

She died as a result of mountaineering.

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Stefan Grabiński

Stefan Grabiński (February 26, 1887 Kamianka-Buzka-November 12, 1936) also known as Stefan Grabinski was a Polish writer.

He died in tuberculosis.

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Józef Kisielewski

Józef Kisielewski (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1966) was a Polish writer.

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Wacław Michał Zaleski

Wacław Michał Zaleski (September 18, 1799 Olesko-February 24, 1849 Vienna) was a Polish writer.

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Mirosław Justek

Mirosław Justek (September 23, 1948 Słupsk-January 24, 1998 Poznań) was a Polish personality.

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Filip Adwent

Filip Adwent (August 31, 1955 Strasbourg-June 26, 2005 Warsaw) a.k.a. Dr. Filip Adwent was a Polish physician and politician.

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Apollo Korzeniowski

Apollo Korzeniowski (February 21, 1820 Russian Empire-May 23, 1869 Kraków) was a Polish political activist, poet, writer and playwright. His child is Joseph Conrad.

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Zawisza Czarny

Zawisza Czarny (April 5, 1379 Stary Garbów-June 12, 1428 Golubac) also known as Zawisza the Black of Garbów or Black Knight was a Polish knight and nobleman.

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John Stanislaw Kubary

John Stanislaw Kubary (November 13, 1846-October 9, 1896) was a Polish personality.

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Karol Śliwka

Karol Śliwka (March 13, 1894 Bystřice-March 19, 1943 Mauthausen Concentration Camp) was a Polish politician.

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