Polish musicians died when they were 52

Here are 10 famous musicians from Poland died at 52:

Maciej Płażyński

Maciej Płażyński (February 10, 1958 Młynary-April 10, 2010 Smolensk) was a Polish lawyer and politician.

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August Dehnel

August Dehnel (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1962) a.k.a. Dr. August Dehnel was a Polish physician.

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Józef Grzybowski

Józef Grzybowski (March 17, 1869 Kraków-February 17, 1922) was a Polish scientist.

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Antoni Gałecki

Antoni Gałecki (June 4, 1906 Łódź-December 14, 1958 Łódź) was a Polish personality.

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Emil Zegadłowicz

Emil Zegadłowicz (July 20, 1888 Bielsko-February 24, 1941 Sosnowiec) was a Polish playwright.

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Józef Kotlarczyk

Józef Kotlarczyk (February 13, 1907 Kraków-September 28, 1959 Bydgoszcz) was a Polish personality.

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Władysław Masłowski

Władysław Masłowski (November 8, 1933 Katowice-April 24, 1986 Kraków) was a Polish journalist.

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Leonard Chess

Leonard Chess (March 12, 1917 Poland-October 16, 1969 Chicago) was a Polish record producer and music executive. He had one child, Marshall Chess.

He died in cardiac arrest.

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Ryszard Przybysz

Ryszard Przybysz (January 8, 1950-February 23, 2002) was a Polish personality.

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Bolesław III Wrymouth

Bolesław III Wrymouth (August 20, 1086 Kraków-October 28, 1138 Sochaczew) was a Polish personality. His children are called Casimir II the Just, Władysław II the Exile, Bolesław IV the Curly, Mieszko III the Old, Ryksa, Judith of Poland, Richeza of Poland, Queen of Sweden, Henry of Sandomierz, Gertruda of Poland, Dobroniega of Poland and Agnes of Poland.

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