Polish musicians died when they were 56

Here are 13 famous musicians from Poland died at 56:

Adam Mickiewicz

Adam Mickiewicz (December 24, 1798 Zavosse-November 26, 1855 Constantinople) also known as Adomas Bernardas Mickevičius, Adam Bernard Mickiewicz or Adomas Mickevičius was a Polish writer, poet and playwright. His children are Maria Mickiewicz, Helena Mickiewicz, Władysław Mickiewicz, Aleksander Mickiewicz, Jan Mickiewicz and Józef Mickiewicz.

He died as a result of cholera.

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William Blandowski

William Blandowski (January 21, 1822 Gliwice-December 18, 1878) was a Polish scientist.

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Józef Kossakowski

Józef Kossakowski (March 16, 1738 Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth-May 9, 1794 Warsaw) also known as Jozef Kossakowski was a Polish writer.

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Gerard Antoni Ciołek

Gerard Antoni Ciołek (September 24, 1909-February 15, 1966) was a Polish architect and writer.

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Jerzy Chromik

Jerzy Chromik (June 15, 1931 Kosztowy-October 20, 1987) was a Polish personality.

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Andrzej Kijowski

Andrzej Kijowski (November 29, 1928 Kraków-June 29, 1985 Warsaw) was a Polish writer, screenwriter and theatre director. He had one child, Andrzej Tadeusz Kijowski.

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Jean Epstein

Jean Epstein (March 25, 1897 Warsaw-April 2, 1953 Paris) was a Polish film director, writer, film producer, screenwriter, critic and literary critic.

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Jan Sehn

Jan Sehn (April 22, 1909-December 12, 1965) was a Polish lawyer.

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Krystyna Bochenek

Krystyna Bochenek (June 30, 1953 Katowice-April 10, 2010 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash site) also known as Krystyna Neuman was a Polish politician.

She died as a result of aviation accident or incident.

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Antoni Radziwiłł

Antoni Radziwiłł (June 13, 1775 Vilnius-April 7, 1832 Berlin) was a Polish politician. He had six children, Elisa Radziwill, Bogusław Fryderyk Radziwiłł, Wilhelm Paweł Radziwiłł, Władysław Radziwiłł, Ferdynant Fryderyk Radziwiłł and Wanda Augusta Wilhelmina Radziwiłł.

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Franciszek Dionizy Kniaźnin

Franciszek Dionizy Kniaźnin (October 4, 1750-August 25, 1807 Końskowola) a.k.a. Franciszek Dionizy Kniaznin, Kniaźnin, Franciszek, Franciszek Kniaźnin or Franciszek Kniaznin was a Polish writer.

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Józef Bem

Józef Bem (March 14, 1794 Tarnów-December 10, 1850 Aleppo) otherwise known as Jozef Bem was a Polish physicist.

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Edmund Dalbor

Edmund Dalbor (October 30, 1869 Ostrów Wielkopolski-February 13, 1926) was a Polish personality.

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