Polish musicians died when they were 76

Here are 22 famous musicians from Poland died at 76:

Piotr Skarga

Piotr Skarga (February 2, 1536 Grójec-September 27, 1612 Kraków) was a Polish writer.

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Jan Kucharzewski

Jan Kucharzewski (May 27, 1876 Wysokie Mazowieckie-July 4, 1952 New York City) was a Polish lawyer and historian.

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Adam Ważyk

Adam Ważyk (November 17, 1905 Warsaw-August 13, 1982 Warsaw) also known as Adam Wazyk was a Polish writer.

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Władysław Wróblewski

Władysław Wróblewski (March 21, 1875 Kraków-August 19, 1951 Łódź) was a Polish lawyer.

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Samuel Linde

Samuel Linde (April 24, 1771 Toruń-August 8, 1847 Warsaw) was a Polish scientist.

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Marek Żuławski

Marek Żuławski (April 13, 1908 Rome-March 30, 1985 London) was a Polish graphic designer.

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Michał Życzkowski

Michał Życzkowski (April 12, 1930 Kraków-May 24, 2006 Kraków) a.k.a. M. Zyczkowski was a Polish scientist.

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Jan Graczyk

Jan Graczyk (May 16, 1928 Poland-April 26, 2005) was a Polish personality.

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Tadeusz Michejda

Tadeusz Michejda (September 26, 1879 Návsí-May 18, 1956 Warsaw) also known as Dr. Tadeusz Michejda was a Polish physician and politician.

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Jerzy Bulanow

Jerzy Bulanow (April 29, 1903 Russian Empire-April 5, 1980 Buenos Aires) was a Polish personality.

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August Zamoyski

August Zamoyski (June 28, 1893 Jabłoń-May 19, 1970 Saint-Clar-de-Rivière) was a Polish personality.

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Bronisław Geremek

Bronisław Geremek (March 6, 1932 Warsaw-July 13, 2008 Lubień, Greater Poland Voivodeship) also known as Benjamin Lewertow, Professor Bronisław Geremek or Bronislaw Geremek was a Polish politician and historian.

He died as a result of traffic collision.

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Stanisław Smreczyński

Stanisław Smreczyński (April 5, 1899-April 5, 1975) was a Polish personality.

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Henryk Górecki

Henryk Górecki (December 6, 1933 Czernica-November 12, 2010 Katowice) also known as Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki, Henryk Gorecki, Górecki, Henryk Mikołaj, Górecki, The Great Górecki or Henryk GoreckiSt was a Polish film score composer and composer. He had two children, Mikołaj Górecki and Anna Górecka-Stanczyk.

His discography includes: Symphony No. 3 "Symphony of Sorrowful Songs" / Three Pieces in Olden Style, Symphony No 3, String Quartet no. 1, op. 62 "Already It Is Dusk" / String Quartet no. 2, op. 64 "Quasi una fantasia", Symphony No. 3 / 3 Olden Style Pieces (Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra feat. conductor: Antoni Wit, soprano: Zofia Kilanowicz), Symphony No. 3, Kleines Requiem für eine Polka / Concerto for Harpsichord and String Orchestra / Good Night (London Sinfonietta feat. conductor: David Zinman), Beatus Vir / Old Polish Music / Totus Tuus (Prague Philharmonic Choir & Czech Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor: John Nelson), Miserere, Symphony No. 3 and String Quartet no. 3 “...songs are sung” (Kronos Quartet). Genres he performed: Classical music, Minimal music and Sacred music.

He died in lung infection.

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Wlodimir Ledóchowski

Wlodimir Ledóchowski (October 7, 1866 Loosdorf-December 13, 1942 Rome) was a Polish personality.

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Kazimierz Sabbat

Kazimierz Sabbat (February 27, 1913-July 19, 1989 London) was a Polish businessperson.

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Józef Maria Hoene-Wroński

Józef Maria Hoene-Wroński (August 23, 1776 Wolsztyn-August 9, 1853 Paris) also known as Jozef Maria Hoene-Wronski was a Polish mathematician and philosopher.

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Leon Biliński

Leon Biliński (June 15, 1846 Zalishchyky-June 14, 1923 Vienna) was a Polish politician.

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Marcin Kromer

Marcin Kromer (November 11, 1512 Biecz-March 23, 1589 Lidzbark Warmiński) was a Polish diplomat.

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Karol Borsuk

Karol Borsuk (May 8, 1905 Warsaw-January 24, 1982 Warsaw) was a Polish mathematician.

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Florian Znaniecki

Florian Znaniecki (January 15, 1882 Świątniki, Włocławek County-March 23, 1958 Champaign) was a Polish philosopher.

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Piotr Kowalski

Piotr Kowalski (March 2, 1927 Poland-January 7, 2004) was a Polish personality.

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