Polish musicians died when they were 77

Here are 15 famous musicians from Poland died at 77:

Andrzej Panufnik

Andrzej Panufnik (September 24, 1914 Warsaw-October 27, 1991) also known as Panufnik, Andrzej was a Polish composer, conductor, music pedagogue and pianist. He had one child, Roxanna Panufnik.

His albums include Homage to Polish Music, , Panufnik: Sinfonia Votiva / Sessions: Concerto for Orchestra, Panufnik Conducts Panufnik: Sinfonia Rustica, Sinfonia Sacra, Sinfonia Concertante and Messages: Chamber Works for Strings. Genres he performed: 20th-century classical music, Ballet and Chamber music.

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Nahum Sokolow

Nahum Sokolow (January 10, 1859 Płock-May 17, 1936 London) was a Polish writer and journalist.

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Magdalena Samozwaniec

Magdalena Samozwaniec (July 26, 1894-April 5, 1972) was a Polish writer.

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Jan Fethke

Jan Fethke (February 26, 1903 Opole-December 16, 1980 Berlin) also known as Jan Fethke, Johannes Fethke, Jan Fethge, J. Fethke or Jean Forge was a Polish writer, film director, author and screenwriter.

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Halszka Osmólska

Halszka Osmólska (September 15, 1930 Poznań-March 31, 2008 Poland) was a Polish scientist.

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Władysław Gomułka

Władysław Gomułka (February 6, 1905 Krosno-September 1, 1982 Konstancin-Jeziorna) also known as Wladyslaw Gomulka was a Polish politician. He had one child, Ryszard Strzelecki-Gomulka.

He died in lung cancer.

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Mieczysław Batsch

Mieczysław Batsch (January 1, 1900-September 9, 1977) was a Polish personality.

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Henryk Martyna

Henryk Martyna (November 14, 1907 Kraków-November 17, 1984 Kraków) was a Polish personality.

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Mieczysław Lubelski

Mieczysław Lubelski (December 30, 1887-April 29, 1965) was a Polish personality.

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Adam Koc

Adam Koc (August 8, 1891 Suwałki-February 3, 1969 New York City) was a Polish personality.

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Jan Gadomski

Jan Gadomski (April 5, 1889-April 5, 1966) was a Polish astronomer.

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Bolesław Filipiak

Bolesław Filipiak (September 1, 1901 Ośniszczewko-October 14, 1978 Poznań) was a Polish personality.

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Jan Łukasiewicz

Jan Łukasiewicz (December 21, 1878 Lviv-February 13, 1956 Dublin) was a Polish mathematician.

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Roman Ingarden

Roman Ingarden (February 5, 1893 Kraków-June 14, 1970 Polish People's Republic) was a Polish philosopher.

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Władysław Anders

Władysław Anders (August 11, 1892 Krośniewice-Błonie-May 12, 1970 London) was a Polish politician and soldier.

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