Polish musicians died when they were 79

Here are 12 famous musicians from Poland died at 79:

Jerzy Passendorfer

Jerzy Passendorfer (April 8, 1923 Vilnius-February 20, 2003 Warsaw) was a Polish film director.

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Teodor Narbutt

Teodor Narbutt (November 8, 1784-April 5, 1864) was a Polish writer, journalist and engineer.

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Marian Jurczyk

Marian Jurczyk (October 16, 1935 Karczewice-December 30, 2014 Szczecin) also known as Mayor Marian Jurczyk was a Polish politician.

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Jerzy Zaruba

Jerzy Zaruba (July 17, 1891 Radom-April 5, 1971 Warsaw) was a Polish graphic designer.

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Adolf Krzyk

Adolf Krzyk (December 25, 1907-April 5, 1987) was a Polish personality.

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Bronisław Hager

Bronisław Hager (April 5, 1890-April 5, 1969) was a Polish personality.

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Kazimierz Michałowski

Kazimierz Michałowski (November 11, 1901-January 1, 1981 Warsaw) was a Polish personality.

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Stanisław Zaremba

Stanisław Zaremba (October 3, 1863 Romanivka-November 23, 1942 Kraków) was a Polish mathematician.

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Roman Opałka

Roman Opałka (August 27, 1931 Abbeville-August 6, 2011 Chieti) was a Polish personality.

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Antoni Szymański

Antoni Szymański (July 30, 1894 Poznań-December 11, 1973 London) was a Polish personality.

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Józef Świeżyński

Józef Świeżyński (April 5, 1868 Wlonice, Gmina Ożarów-February 12, 1948 Sandomierz) also known as Jozef Swiezynski or Dr. Józef Świeżyński was a Polish politician and physician.

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Mieczysław Halka Ledóchowski

Mieczysław Halka Ledóchowski (October 29, 1822 Poland-July 22, 1902 Rome) was a Polish personality.

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