Polish musicians died when they were 80

Here are 12 famous musicians from Poland died at 80:

Stefan Ślopek

Stefan Ślopek (December 1, 1914 Skawa-August 22, 1995 Wrocław) was a Polish scientist.

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Stefan Kisielewski

Stefan Kisielewski (March 7, 1911 Warsaw-September 27, 1991 Warsaw) was a Polish writer, politician and composer. His child is Wacław Kisielewski.

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Antoni Słonimski

Antoni Słonimski (November 15, 1895 Warsaw-July 4, 1976 Warsaw) was a Polish writer.

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Przybysław Dyjamentowski

Przybysław Dyjamentowski (April 5, 1694-April 5, 1774) was a Polish writer.

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Stanisław Tarnowski

Stanisław Tarnowski (November 7, 1837-December 31, 1917 Kraków) was a Polish writer and politician. He had one child, Barbara Tarnowska.

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Wiesław Wernic

Wiesław Wernic (February 28, 1906-August 1, 1986) was a Polish writer and journalist.

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Stanisław Marusarz

Stanisław Marusarz (June 18, 1913 Zakopane-October 29, 1993 Zakopane) a.k.a. Stanislav Marusarz was a Polish personality.

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Saturnin Zawadzki

Saturnin Zawadzki (July 7, 1923 Radom-September 17, 2003) was a Polish scientist.

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Johnny Reder

Johnny Reder (September 24, 1909 Lublin-April 12, 1990 Fall River) was a Polish baseball player.

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Władysław Plater

Władysław Plater (November 7, 1808-April 22, 1889) was a Polish personality.

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Anna Walentynowicz

Anna Walentynowicz (August 15, 1929 Rivne-April 10, 2010 Smolensk) was a Polish trade unionist.

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Karol Kniaziewicz

Karol Kniaziewicz (May 4, 1762-May 9, 1842 Paris) was a Polish politician.

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