Polish musicians died before they were 40

Here are 41 famous musicians from Poland died before 40:

Maria Boniecka

Maria Boniecka (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1978) was a Polish personality.

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Stanisław Wyspiański

Stanisław Wyspiański (January 15, 1869 Kraków-November 28, 1907 Kraków) also known as Stanislaw Wyspianski or Wyspiański, Stanisław was a Polish writer, architect, playwright, painter, poet, furniture designer and interior designer. He had three children, Helenka Wyspiański, Mieczyslaw Wyspiański and Stanisław Wyspiański.

He died caused by syphilis.

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Bruno Jasieński

Bruno Jasieński (July 17, 1901 Klimontów, Sandomierz County-September 17, 1938 Butyrka prison) a.k.a. Bruno Jasienski was a Polish writer.

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Andrzej Munk

Andrzej Munk (October 16, 1921 Kraków-September 20, 1961 Łowicz) was a Polish screenwriter, film director, documentalist, cinematographer and film editor.

He died in traffic collision.

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Władysław Syrokomla

Władysław Syrokomla (September 29, 1823 Russian Empire-September 15, 1862 Vilnius) was a Polish writer.

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Marek Hłasko

Marek Hłasko (January 14, 1934 Warsaw-June 14, 1969 Wiesbaden) was a Polish writer and screenwriter.

He died as a result of drug overdose.

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Maurycy Mochnacki

Maurycy Mochnacki (September 13, 1803-December 20, 1834 Auxerre) was a Polish writer.

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Bronisław Czech

Bronisław Czech (July 25, 1908 Zakopane-June 4, 1944 Oświęcim) was a Polish personality.

He died in murder.

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Halina Poświatowska

Halina Poświatowska (May 9, 1935 Częstochowa-October 11, 1967 Warsaw) otherwise known as Halina Poswiatowska was a Polish writer and poet.

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Stanisław Brzozowski

Stanisław Brzozowski (June 28, 1878 Chełm-April 30, 1911 Florence) was a Polish writer and philosopher.

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Jerzy Kaźmirkiewicz

Jerzy Kaźmirkiewicz (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1977) also known as Jerzy Kazmirkiewicz was a Polish scientist and engineer.

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Antoni Malczewski

Antoni Malczewski (June 3, 1793 Volhynia-May 2, 1826 Warsaw) was a Polish poet.

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Piotr Morawski

Piotr Morawski (December 27, 1976-April 8, 2009 Dhaulagiri) was a Polish personality. He had two children, Ignacy Morawski and Gustaw Morawski.

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Frédéric Chopin

Frédéric Chopin (March 1, 1810 Żelazowa Wola-October 17, 1849 Paris) also known as Chopin, Fryderyk Chopin, Frèdèric Chopin, Frederic Chopin, Frederic Franciszek Chopin, Chopin, Frederic, Frederyk Chopin, Frederic Francois Chopin, フレデリック・ショパン, 쇼팽, F. Chopin, Фредерик Шопен, Chopin, Frédéric, Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin & Stanislav Bunin, Fridericus Franciscus, Fryderyk Franciszek, フレデリック・フランソワ・ショパン, Frédéric François Chopin, Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, Frycek, Federico Chopin or Fr. Chopin was a Polish composer, pianist and film score composer.

Discography: Chopin for Lovers, Klaviersonaten Nos. 2 & 3 / Scherzo No. 3 (feat. piano: Martha Argerich), Préludes / Impromptus, Preludes & Nocturnes (piano: Tzimon Barto), The Rubinstein Collection, Volume 17: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2, Nocturnes, Complete Piano Music, Volume 3: Mazurkas, Volume 1, Cello Sonata / Polonaise Brillante / Grand Duo, Favorite Chopin, Volume 2 and 4 Ballades / 4 Scherzi. Genres he performed: Romantic music, Classical music and Art song.

He died as a result of tuberculosis.

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Zygmunt Janiszewski

Zygmunt Janiszewski (June 12, 1888 Warsaw-January 3, 1920 Lviv) was a Polish mathematician.

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Zdzisław Kostrzewa

Zdzisław Kostrzewa (October 26, 1955 Wrocław-May 18, 1991 Australia) was a Polish personality.

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Antoni Łyko

Antoni Łyko (May 27, 1907 Kraków-June 3, 1941 Auschwitz concentration camp) was a Polish personality.

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Wilhelm Piec

Wilhelm Piec (November 2, 1915-April 4, 1954 Świętochłowice) was a Polish personality.

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Bronisław Malinowski

Bronisław Malinowski (June 4, 1951 Poland-September 27, 1981 Grudziądz) was a Polish personality.

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Ryszard Piec

Ryszard Piec (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1979) was a Polish personality.

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Ksawery Zakrzewski

Ksawery Zakrzewski (February 15, 1876 Goślinowo-November 18, 1915 Poznań) a.k.a. Dr. Ksawery Zakrzewski was a Polish physician.

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Włodzimierz Mazur

Włodzimierz Mazur (April 14, 1954 Opatów-December 1, 1988 Poland) was a Polish personality.

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Karol Kossok

Karol Kossok (January 28, 1907-March 11, 1946) was a Polish personality.

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Janusz Kusociński

Janusz Kusociński (January 15, 1907 Warsaw-June 21, 1940) otherwise known as Janusz Kusocinski was a Polish personality.

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Jan Długosz

Jan Długosz (July 12, 1929-July 2, 1962) was a Polish writer.

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Henryk Bałuszyński

Henryk Bałuszyński (July 15, 1972 Knurów-March 1, 2012) was a Polish personality.

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Adam Ledwoń

Adam Ledwoń (January 15, 1974 Olesno-June 11, 2008 Klagenfurt) was a Polish personality.

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Krzysztof Komeda

Krzysztof Komeda (April 27, 1931 Poznań-April 23, 1969 Warsaw) also known as Christopher Komeda, Krzysztof T. Komeda, Komeda, Krzysztof, Krzysztof Komeda-Trzcinski, Christophe T. Komeda, K.T. Komeda, Krzysztof Trczinski-Komeda, Krzysztof Trzcinski-Komeda, Krzysztof Trzczinski-Komeda, Krzysztof Trzciński, Komeda or Krzysztof Trzcinski was a Polish composer, jazz pianist and film score composer.

His albums: Astigmatic, Cul-De-Sac, Knife in the Water, Matnia, Nightime, Daytime Requiem, Rosemary's Baby / The Fearless Vampire Killers, Rosemary's Baby, The Complete Recordings of Krzysztof Komeda, vol. 10, The Complete Works, Volume One and Krzysztof Komeda (Polish Jazz vol.3). Genres related to him: Film score and Jazz.

He died in cerebral hematoma.

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Władysław Raginis

Władysław Raginis (June 27, 1908 Daugavpils-September 10, 1939 Strękowa Góra) was a Polish soldier.

He died as a result of suicide.

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George Chapman

George Chapman (December 14, 1865 Congress Poland-April 7, 1903 London) otherwise known as Seweryn Antonowicz Kłosowski, Ludwig Schloski or Dr. George Chapman was a Polish physician.

He died caused by hanging.

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Mieczysław Karłowicz

Mieczysław Karłowicz (December 11, 1876 Vishnyeva-February 8, 1909 High Tatras) was a Polish composer and conductor.

Discography: Symphonic Poems, Volume 1, The Romantic Violin Concerto, Volume 4: Moszkowski: Violin Concerto in C, op. 30 / Ballade in G minor, op. 16 no. 1 / Karłowicz: Violin Concerto in A, op. 8 and Symphonic Poems, Volume 2.

He died caused by skiing accident.

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Piotr Gładki

Piotr Gładki (February 8, 1972 Gdańsk-May 27, 2005 Wyczechowo) was a Polish personality.

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Margo Dydek

Margo Dydek (April 28, 1974 Poznań-May 27, 2011 Brisbane) was a Polish personality. She had two children, Alexander Twigg and David Twigg.

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Sebastian Karpiniuk

Sebastian Karpiniuk (December 4, 1972 Kołobrzeg-April 10, 2010 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash site) was a Polish politician.

He died caused by aviation accident or incident.

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Ala Gertner

Ala Gertner (March 12, 1912 Będzin-January 5, 1945 Auschwitz concentration camp) was a Polish personality.

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Joanna Grudzińska

Joanna Grudzińska (May 17, 1795 Poznań-November 17, 1831 Pushkin, Saint Petersburg) was a Polish personality.

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Przemysł II

Przemysł II (October 14, 1257 Poznań-February 8, 1296 Rogoźno) also known as Przemysław, Premislaus, Przemysł or Premyslas was a Polish personality. He had one child, Elizabeth Richeza of Poland.

He died in assassination.

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Cymburgis of Masovia

Cymburgis of Masovia (April 5, 1394 Warsaw-September 28, 1429 Türnitz) was a Polish personality. She had four children, Margaret of Austria, Electress of Saxony, Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor, Albert VI, Archduke of Austria and Catherine of Austria.

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Theofil Kupka

Theofil Kupka (August 22, 1885-November 20, 1920) was a Polish personality.

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Faustina Kowalska

Faustina Kowalska (August 25, 1905 Głogowiec, Łęczyca County-October 5, 1938 Kraków) otherwise known as Saint Faustina, Maria Faustyna Kowalska or Helena Kowalska was a Polish nun.

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Juliusz Słowacki

Juliusz Słowacki (September 4, 1809 Kremenets-April 3, 1849 Paris) also known as Słowacki, Juliusz or Julius Slovak was a Polish writer and poet.

He died as a result of tuberculosis.

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