Russian movie stars born in 1901

Here are 9 famous actors from Russian Empire were born in 1901:

Sergei Minin

Sergei Minin (June 17, 1901 Vladivostok-November 24, 1937) also known as Sergei Artemyevich Minin or S. Minin was a Russian actor.

Boris Chirkov

Boris Chirkov (August 13, 1901 Lozova-May 28, 1982 Moscow) also known as Boris Petrovich Chirkov, B. Chirkov or Борис Петрович Чирков was a Russian actor.

Eduard Marks

Eduard Marks (November 9, 1901 Düsseldorf-June 30, 1981 Hamburg) was a Russian actor.

Igor Ilyinsky

Igor Ilyinsky (July 24, 1901 Moscow-January 13, 1987 Moscow) a.k.a. Igor Iljinski, И́горь Влади́мирович Ильи́нский or Igor Vladimirovich Ilyinsky was a Russian comedian, actor, film director, theatre director and screenwriter. He had one child, Vladimir Ilyinsky.

Anatolij Korolkevich

Anatolij Korolkevich (January 16, 1901 Tyumen-April 11, 1977 Saint Petersburg) otherwise known as A. Korolkevich was a Russian actor.

Nikolai Khryashchikov

Nikolai Khryashchikov (November 1, 1901 Russian Empire-June 24, 1970 Soviet Union) a.k.a. N. Khryashchikov was a Russian actor.

Andrews Engelmann

Andrews Engelmann (March 23, 1901 Saint Petersburg-February 25, 1992 Basel) a.k.a. A. Engelman, Andrewe Engelman, Andrews Engelman, Andrew Engelmann, Engelman, André von Engelman, Andre von Engelmann, Andre Engelmann, Andrei Engelman, Andrew Angelman or Andrews was a Russian actor.

Lev Sverdlin

Lev Sverdlin (November 16, 1901 Astrakhan-August 30, 1969 Moscow) otherwise known as L. Sverdlin or Lev Naumovich Sverdlin was a Russian actor, theatre director and theater arts educator.

Sergei Blinnikov

Sergei Blinnikov (August 2, 1901 Moscow-September 28, 1969 Moscow) also known as Sergei Kapitonovich Blinnikov or S. Blinnikov was a Russian actor.

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