Russian actors who were born in 1938

Here are 8 famous actors from Russia were born in 1938:

Yevgeny Nesterenko

Yevgeny Nesterenko (January 8, 1938 Moscow-) also known as Evgeny Nesterenko, Евгений Нестеренко, Yevgeni Nesterenko or Nesterenko, Evgeny is a Russian opera singer and actor.

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Rudolf Nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev (March 17, 1938 Irkutsk-January 6, 1993 Levallois-Perret) also known as Rudolf Noureev, Rudi or Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev was a Russian ballet master, actor, screenwriter, film director, ballet dancer and choreographer.

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Alexei Guerman

Alexei Guerman (July 20, 1938 Saint Petersburg-February 21, 2013 Saint Petersburg) also known as Aleksei German, Aleksei Yuryevich German PAR, Alexey Guerman, Alexei Gierman, A. German, Aleksei Gherman, Aleksei Yuryevich German, Alexei German, Aleksey German or Alexej German was a Russian film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor. His child is called Aleksey German Jr..

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Boris Khimichev

Boris Khimichev (January 12, 1938 Khmelnytskyi Oblast-) also known as Борис Химичев, Boris Petrovich Khimichev or Борис Петрович Химичев is a Russian actor.

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Alexei Petrenko

Alexei Petrenko (March 26, 1938 Kozelets Raion-) also known as Alexei Vassilyevich Petrenko, Aleksey Petrenko, A. Petrenko or Alyeksyey Vasil’yevich Pyetryenko is a Russian actor. He has one child, Polina Petrenko.

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Aleksandr Zbruyev

Aleksandr Zbruyev (March 31, 1938 Moscow-) otherwise known as Aleksandr Zbruev, Aleksandr Viktorovich Zbruyev or A. Zbruyev is a Russian actor. He has three children, Natalya Zbruyeva, Tatyana Zbruyeva and Natalya Zbruyeva.

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Andrey Myagkov

Andrey Myagkov (July 8, 1938 Saint Petersburg-) a.k.a. Andrei Myagkov, Andrey Vasilyevich Myagkov or Andrey Vasilevich Myagkov is a Russian actor, theatre director, voice actor and writer.

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Antti Litja

Antti Litja (February 21, 1938 Kamennogorsk-) a.k.a. Antti Vilho Olavi Litja is a Russian actor.

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