Russian actors who were born in 1942

Here are 19 famous actors from Russia were born in 1942:

Mikhail Zhigalov

Mikhail Zhigalov (May 2, 1942 Samara-) also known as Mikhail Vasilyevich Zhigalov, Michail Shigalow, Mikhail Jigalov or M. Zhigalov is a Russian actor. His children are called Vasiliy Mikhailovich Zhigalov, Arkadiy Zhigalov and Anna Zhigalova.

Sergey Shakurov

Sergey Shakurov (January 1, 1942 Moscow-) also known as S. Shakurov, Siergiej Szakurow, S.Shakurov, Sergei Kayumovich Shakurov, Sergei Shakurov, Sergey Kayumovich Shakurov or Сергей Шакуров is a Russian actor and voice actor. His children are called Ivan Shakurov, Olga Shakurova and Marat Shakurov.

Anatoli Khudoleyev

Anatoli Khudoleyev (July 11, 1942 Russia-) also known as Anatoli Grigorievich Khudoleyev is a Russian actor.

Boris Romanov

Boris Romanov (March 29, 1942 Lyubim-) also known as B. Romanov is a Russian actor.

Aleksandr Slastin

Aleksandr Slastin (June 12, 1942 Ulan-Ude-) also known as Aleksandr Vladimirovich Slastin, A. Slastin or Alexander Slastin is a Russian actor.

Vyacheslav Butenko

Vyacheslav Butenko (August 6, 1942-) otherwise known as Вячеслав Бутенко or Вячеслав Михайлович Бутенко is a Russian actor.

Vsevolod Osipovich Abdulov

Vsevolod Osipovich Abdulov (December 29, 1942 Moscow-July 27, 2002 Moscow) a.k.a. V. Abdulov or Vsevolod Abdulov was a Russian actor and voice actor.

Vitali Bezrukov

Vitali Bezrukov (January 1, 1942 Soviet Union-) also known as Vitali Sergeyevich Bezrukov is a Russian actor. His child is called Sergey Bezrukov.

Valeri Velichko

Valeri Velichko (June 26, 1942 Yekaterinburg-) a.k.a. Valeri Ivanovich Velichko or Valeriy Velichko is a Russian actor.

Vladimir Grammatikov

Vladimir Grammatikov (June 1, 1942 Yekaterinburg-) a.k.a. V. Grammatikov, V.Grammatikov or Vladimir Aleksandrovich Grammatikov is a Russian actor, film director, film producer and screenwriter. He has two children, Yegor Grammatikov and Nikolay Grammatikov.

Feliks Antipov

Feliks Antipov (May 17, 1942 Moscow-) is a Russian actor.

Alexander Kalyagin

Alexander Kalyagin (May 25, 1942 Malmyzh, Kirov Oblast-) also known as Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Kalyagin, A.Kalyagin, Aleksander Kaliagin or A. Kalyagin is a Russian actor, voice actor and film director. He has two children, Denis Kalyagin and Kseniya Kalyagina.

Vladimir Dostal

Vladimir Dostal (April 15, 1942 Ashgabat-) also known as Vladmir Dostal or Vladimir Nikolayevich Dostal is a Russian film producer, film director, television producer and actor.

Aleksandr Pavlov

Aleksandr Pavlov (August 5, 1942-) also known as A. Pavlov or Aleksandr Pavlovich Pavlov is a Russian actor.

Yuri Osherov

Yuri Osherov (November 6, 1942 Saratov-) is a Russian actor and teacher.

Valeriy Filonov

Valeriy Filonov (February 27, 1942-) a.k.a. V. Filonov or Valery Filonov is a Russian actor and theatre director.

Valentin Bukin

Valentin Bukin (July 1, 1942 Ulan-Ude-) also known as V. Bukin or V.Bukin is a Russian actor.

Vasiliy Bochkarev

Vasiliy Bochkarev (November 22, 1942 Irkutsk-) a.k.a. Vasili Ivanovich Bochkaryov or V. Bochkaryov is a Russian actor.

Alexey Krychenkov

Alexey Krychenkov (February 23, 1942 Verkhnyaya Salda-) a.k.a. Aleksei Fyodorovich Krychenkov, A.Krychenkov, A. Krychenkov or Aleksey Krychenkov is a Russian actor.

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