Russian actors who were born in 1944

Here are 7 famous actors from Russia were born in 1944:

Sergei Solovyov

Sergei Solovyov (August 25, 1944 Kem, Russia-) also known as Sergei Alexandrovich Solovyov, Sergey Solovyov, Sergey Aleksandrovich Solovyov or Sergey Solovev is a Russian film director, screenwriter, producer and actor. He has two children, Anna Solovyova and Dmitri Solovyov.

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Alexander Stefanovich

Alexander Stefanovich (December 13, 1944 Saint Petersburg-) also known as Alexander Borisovich Stefanovich, Aleksandr Borisovich Stefanovich, Aleksandr Stefanovich, Алекса́ндр Бори́сович Стефа́нович or Aleksandr Stephanovich is a Russian film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Oleg Yankovsky

Oleg Yankovsky (February 23, 1944 Jezkazgan-May 20, 2009 Moscow) also known as Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky, Oleg Yankovskiy, Oleg Iankovskii, Oleg Jankovskij, Oleg Jankowskij, O. Yankovich or O.Yankovskiy was a Russian actor and film director. He had one child, Filipp Yankovsky.

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Alexander Borodyanski

Alexander Borodyanski (February 3, 1944 Vorkuta-) a.k.a. Akejsandr Borodjanski, Alexander Borodyansky, Aleksandr Borodyansky, Alexandr Borodjanskij, Aleksandr Emmanuilovich Borodyanskiy, A. Borodyanskiy, Aleksandr Borodyanskiy, Aleksandr Borodjanski or Alexander Emmanuilovich Borodyansky is a Russian screenwriter, film director and actor. His children are called Denis Borodyanski and Mariya Borodyanskaya.

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Nikolai Karachentsov

Nikolai Karachentsov (October 27, 1944 Moscow-) also known as Nikolai Petrovich Karachentsov, Petrovich, N. Karachentsov, A. Karachentsov or Karachentsov, Nikolay is a Russian actor and singer. He has one child, Andrew Karachentsov.

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Aleksandr Filippenko

Aleksandr Filippenko (September 2, 1944 Moscow-) also known as Aleksandr Georgiyevich Filippenko, Alexandre Filipenko, A. Filippenko or Aleksandr Gergievich Filippenko is a Russian actor and voice actor. His children are called Pavel Filippenko, Maria Filippenko and Aleksandra Filippenko.

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Valentin Smirnitsky

Valentin Smirnitsky (June 10, 1944 Moscow-) also known as V. Smirnitskiy, Valentin Smirnitskiy, Valentin Georgievich Smirnitskiy or Valentin Georgievitch Smirnitskiy is a Russian actor. He has two children, Ivan Smirnitsky and Marfa Smirnitskaya.

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