Russian actors who were born in 1962

Here are 7 famous actors from Russia were born in 1962:

Andrei Panin

Andrei Panin (May 28, 1962 Novosibirsk-March 6, 2013 Moscow) a.k.a. Andrei Vladimirovich Panin, Andrey Panin, Andrey Vladimirovich Panin or Andre Panin was a Russian film director, actor and television director. He had three children, Aleksandr Panin, Pyotr Panin and Nadezhda Panina.

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Sacha Bourdo

Sacha Bourdo (January 8, 1962 Oryol-) also known as Aleksander Burdo is a Russian actor.

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Roman Madyanov

Roman Madyanov (July 22, 1962 Dedovsk-) also known as Roman Madianov, Roman Sergeevitsch Madyanov, Roman Modyanov or Roman Sergeevich Madyanov is a Russian actor. His child is called Roman Madyanov, Jr..

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Nikolai Fomenko

Nikolai Fomenko (April 30, 1962 Saint Petersburg-) also known as Nikolai Vladimirovich Fomenko or Nikolay Fomenko is a Russian race car driver, singer, comedian, musician, actor, radio personality, television presenter, businessperson, screenwriter, television producer, voice actor, composer, television director and film score composer. He has four children, Anastasia Fomenko, Ekaterina Fomenko, Ivan Fomenko and Vasiliy Fomenko.

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Mikhail Krug

Mikhail Krug (April 7, 1962 Tver-July 1, 2002 Tver) also known as Ìèõàèë Êðóã or Krug, Mikhail was a Russian singer, actor and composer. He had two children, Alexander Krug and Dmitriy Vorobyov.

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Aleksandr Dedyushko

Aleksandr Dedyushko (May 20, 1962 Vawkavysk-November 3, 2007 Petushinsky District) was a Russian actor. He had two children, Dmitry Dedyushko and Kseniya Dedyushko.

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Ravil Isyanov

Ravil Isyanov (August 20, 1962 Voskresensk, Moscow Oblast-) a.k.a. Ravil Issyanov is a Russian actor.

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