Russian actors who were born in 1964

Here are 6 famous actors from Russia were born in 1964:

Andrey Zvyagintsev

Andrey Zvyagintsev (February 6, 1964 Novosibirsk-) also known as Andrey Zviaguintsev, Andrey Petrovich Zvyagintsev, Andrei Zvyagintsev, Andrei Zvagintsev or Andrey Pyotrovich Zvyagintsev is a Russian actor, film director, screenwriter, television producer and film editor.

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Andrei Borisenko

Andrei Borisenko (April 17, 1964 Saint Petersburg-) also known as Andrei Ivanovich Borisenko is a Russian astronaut and actor. His child is called Ivan Borisenko.

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Vladimir Dubossarsky

Vladimir Dubossarsky (January 8, 1964 Moscow-) also known as Vladimir Dubosarsky or Vladimir Dubossarsky is a Russian painter and actor.

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Evgeniy Sidikhin

Evgeniy Sidikhin (October 2, 1964 Saint Petersburg-) a.k.a. Yevgeni Sidikhin, Evgeny Sidikhin, Yevgeni Vladimirovich Sidikhin, Ye.Sidikhin, Yevgeniy Sidikhin, E. Sidikhin, Evgeniy Vladimirovich Sidikhin, Evgeni Sidichin, Yevgeny Sidikhin, Yevgeny Vladimirovich Sidikhin, Eugene Sidikhin or Sidikhin Yevgeny Vladimirovich is a Russian actor and cinematographer. His children are called Polina Sidikhina, Anfisa Sidikhina and Aglaya Sidikhina.

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Aleksey Serebryakov

Aleksey Serebryakov (July 3, 1964 Moscow-) also known as Alexey Serebryakov, Aleksei Valeryevich Serebryakov, Aleksey Valerevich Serebryakov or Alyosha Serebryakov is a Russian actor. He has three children, Stepan Serebryakov, Danila Serebryakov and Darya Serebryakova.

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Alexander Gordon

Alexander Gordon (February 20, 1964 Obninsk-) a.k.a. Alexander Garrievich Gordon is a Russian radio personality, presenter, journalist, actor and film director. His children are called Anna Gordon and Aleksandra Gordon.

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