Russian actors who were born in 1970

Here are 22 famous actors from Russia were born in 1970:

Dmitri Yegorov

Dmitri Yegorov (January 18, 1970-October 20, 2002) a.k.a. Mitya Yegorov or Dmitri Borisovich Yegorov was a Russian actor.

Denis Serdyukov

Denis Serdyukov (March 22, 1970 Saint Petersburg-) also known as D. Serdyukov is a Russian actor.

Andrey Grigorev-Appolonov

Andrey Grigorev-Appolonov (July 26, 1970 Sochi-) is a Russian actor.

Sergey Badyuk

Sergey Badyuk (July 3, 1970 Sharhorod Raion-) is a Russian businessperson, martial artist, actor and athlete.

Oleg Kukhta

Oleg Kukhta (December 27, 1970 Kinel-) is a Russian actor and singer.

Vitaliy Abdulov

Vitaliy Abdulov (March 15, 1970 Glazov-) otherwise known as Vitali Abdulov is a Russian actor.

Denis Burgazliev

Denis Burgazliev (August 24, 1970 Moscow-) also known as Dennis Burgazliev or Denis Aleksandrovich Burgazliev is a Russian actor. He has one child, Aleksandra Burgazlieva.

Andrei Kuzichev

Andrei Kuzichev (September 22, 1970 Moscow-) a.k.a. Andrei Kuzyitsyov, Andrey Vladimirovich Kuzichev or Andrey Kuzichev is a Russian actor. He has two children, Varvara Kuzicheva and Fyodor Kuzichev.

Ilya Shakunov

Ilya Shakunov (August 13, 1970 Saint Petersburg-) is a Russian actor.

Grigoriy Siyatvinda

Grigoriy Siyatvinda (April 26, 1970 Tyumen-) a.k.a. G. Siyatvinda is a Russian actor.

Pyotr Korshunkov

Pyotr Korshunkov (January 31, 1970 Moscow-) is a Russian actor.

Vitaly Demochka

Vitaly Demochka (December 5, 1970 Ussuriysk-) a.k.a. Vitaly 'Bondar' Demochka, Vitali Dyomochka or Bondar is a Russian film director, screenwriter, actor and film producer.

Vladimir Maslakov

Vladimir Maslakov (April 30, 1970 Saint Petersburg-) also known as V. Maslakov is a Russian actor, voice actor, musician and poet.

Valeriy Troshin

Valeriy Troshin (March 9, 1970 Moscow-) is a Russian actor.

Alexander Demidov

Alexander Demidov (October 22, 1970 Yekaterinburg-) a.k.a. Aleksandr Demidov, Demidov, Alexander, Kvartet I or Aleksandr Sergeevich Demidov is a Russian actor, film producer, cinematographer and screenwriter. His children are called Sophia Demidov and Ignatiy Demidov.

Nikita Salopin

Nikita Salopin (March 9, 1970 Astrakhan-) is a Russian actor.

Andrey Yegorov

Andrey Yegorov (April 15, 1970 Mikhaylovka-) also known as Andrey Egorov is a Russian actor and voice actor.

Igor Kistol

Igor Kistol (September 7, 1970 Bălți-) is a Russian actor.

Oleg Kassin

Oleg Kassin (March 8, 1970 Magnitogorsk-) is a Russian actor.

Yaroslav Boyko

Yaroslav Boyko (May 14, 1970 Kiev-) otherwise known as Yaroslav Nikolayevich Boyko is a Russian actor. His children are called Yan Boyko, Maksim Boyko and Emiliya Boyko.

Vadim Skvirskiy

Vadim Skvirskiy (December 29, 1970 Baku-) is a Russian actor.

Grigoriy Bagrov

Grigoriy Bagrov (September 12, 1970 Orenburg-) otherwise known as G. Bagrov is a Russian actor.

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