Russian actors who were born in 1972

Here are 6 famous actors from Russia were born in 1972:

Alexei Makarov

Alexei Makarov (February 15, 1972 Omsk-) also known as Aleksey Makarov, Alexei Valer`evich Makarov or Alexei V. Makarov is a Russian actor. His child is called Varvara Makarova.

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Alexei Popogrebski

Alexei Popogrebski (August 7, 1972 Moscow-) otherwise known as Aleksei Popogrebsky, Aleksey Popogrebsky, Alexei Petrowitsch Popogrebski, Aleksey Popogrebskiy or Aleksey Petrovich Popogrebskiy is a Russian film director, screenwriter, television director and actor.

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Konstantin Khabensky

Konstantin Khabensky (January 11, 1972 Saint Petersburg-) otherwise known as Konstantin Khabenskiy, Kostya Khabensky, K. Khabensky, Konstantin Yuryevich Khabenskiy, Konstantin Yurevich Khabenskiy, Khabensky or Konstantin Yuryevich Khabensky is a Russian actor and voice actor. He has one child, Ivan Konstantinovich Khabensky.

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Andrey Malakhov

Andrey Malakhov (January 11, 1972 Apatity-) also known as Andrey Nikolayevich Malakhov is a Russian teacher, actor, writer and newscaster.

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Stanislav Baretsky

Stanislav Baretsky (March 8, 1972 Lomonosov-) also known as Stas Baretsky is a Russian musician, dancer, poet, singer and actor.

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Teodor Currentzis

Teodor Currentzis (February 24, 1972 Athens-) is a Russian conductor and actor.

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