Russian actors who were born in 1987

Here are 12 famous actors from Russia were born in 1987:

Vladimir Garin

Vladimir Garin (January 26, 1987 Saint Petersburg-June 24, 2003 Sosnovo) also known as Vladimir Vladimirovich Garin was a Russian actor.

Aleksej Demidov

Aleksej Demidov (August 24, 1987 Nizhny Novgorod-) also known as Aleksej Vyacheslavovich Demidov, Aleksei Demidov or Aleksey Demidov is a Russian actor.

Ivan Makarevich

Ivan Makarevich (June 30, 1987 Moscow-) also known as James Oclahoma or Ivan Andreyevich Makarevich is a Russian actor, musician, drummer and composer.

Aleksei Litvinenko

Aleksei Litvinenko (July 29, 1987 Omsk-) is a Russian actor.

Aleksey Koryakov

Aleksey Koryakov (June 12, 1987 Omsk-) also known as Алексей Коряков is a Russian actor.

Pavel Priluchniy

Pavel Priluchniy (November 5, 1987 Shymkent-) also known as Pavel Priluchnyy-Del, Pavel Valerevich Priluchnyy or Pavel Priluchnyy is a Russian actor. His child is called Timofey Priluchniy.

Azamat Nigmanov

Azamat Nigmanov (October 15, 1987 Omsk-) is a Russian actor.

Artyom Tsukanov

Artyom Tsukanov (December 23, 1987 Zlatoust-) a.k.a. Artyom Vasil'evich Tsukanov is a Russian actor and singer.

Andrej Lunusjkin

Andrej Lunusjkin (June 26, 1987 Moscow-) is a Russian actor.

Ivan Koumaev

Ivan Koumaev (October 16, 1987 Khabarovsk-) is a Russian actor.

Iznaur Ortsuev

Iznaur Ortsuev (October 4, 1987 Grozny-) also known as Timur Ortsuev or Iznaur Sultanovich Ortsuev is a Russian actor.

Vasily Lykshin

Vasily Lykshin (January 27, 1987 Odintsovsky District-October 18, 2009 Moscow) otherwise known as Vasya Lykshin or Vasily Sergeyevich Lykshin was a Russian actor. He had one child, Keira Lykshina.

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