Russian actors who deceased at age 54

Here are 4 famous actors from Russia died at 54:

Andrei Tarkovsky

Andrei Tarkovsky (April 4, 1932 Yuryevetsky District-December 29, 1986 Paris) also known as Andrei Arsenyevich Tarkovsky, Andrzej, Andrei Tarkovski, Andrei Arsenevich Tarkovskii, Andrei Tarkovskij, A. Tarkovsky, Andrey Tarkovsky, Andrey Tarkovskiy, Andrey Arsenevich Tarkovskiy, Andreĭ Arsenʹevich Tarkovskiĭ or A. Tarkovskiy was a Russian film director, screenwriter, actor, writer, film editor, theatre director and opera director. He had three children, Arseny Tarkovsky, Andrei Andreyevich Tarkovsky and Aleksandr Tarkovsky.

He died as a result of lung cancer.

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Aleksei Balabanov

Aleksei Balabanov (February 25, 1959 Yekaterinburg-May 18, 2013 Sestroretsk) also known as Aleksey Balabanov, Aleksey Oktyabrinovich Balabanov, Alexei Balabanov, Aleksei Oktyabrinovich Balabanov or Alexey Balabanov was a Russian film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor. He had two children, Pyotr Balabanov and Fyodor Balabanov.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Rudolf Nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev (March 17, 1938 Irkutsk-January 6, 1993 Levallois-Perret) also known as Rudolf Noureev, Rudi or Rudolf Khametovich Nureyev was a Russian ballet master, actor, screenwriter, film director, ballet dancer and choreographer.

He died in hiv/aids.

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Aleksandr Abdulov

Aleksandr Abdulov (May 29, 1953 Tobolsk-January 3, 2008 Moscow) otherwise known as Aleksandr Gavrilovich Abdulov, A. Abdulov or Alexander Abdulov was a Russian actor, screenwriter, film director and voice actor. His children are called Eugenia Abdulova and Ksenia Alferova.

He died caused by lung cancer.

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