Russian movie stars died at 71

Here are 3 famous actors from Russian Empire died at 71:

Boris Babochkin

Boris Babochkin (January 18, 1904 Saratov-July 17, 1975 Saint Petersburg) also known as Boris Andreyevich Babochkin was a Russian film director and actor. He had two children, Tatiana Babochkina and Natalia Babochkina.

He died as a result of heart attack.

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Jacob Pavlovich Adler

Jacob Pavlovich Adler (February 12, 1855 Odessa-April 1, 1926 New York City) otherwise known as Jacob P. Adler, Yankev P. Adler, the Great Eagle, Yankele Kulachnik, Jake the Fist, nesher hagodl, Jacob Pavlovitch Adler or Jacob Adler was a Russian actor and theatrical producer. His children are called Jay Adler, Charles Adler, Luther Adler, Stella Adler, Julia Adler, Frances Adler, Abram Adler, Florence Adler, Celia Adler and Rivkah Adler.

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Alexander Khvylya

Alexander Khvylya (July 15, 1905 Kostiantynivka Raion-October 17, 1976 Moscow) also known as Aleksandr Khvylya, A. Khvyla, A.Khvylya, A. Khvylya, Aleksandr Leopoldovich Khvylya, Alexander Leopoldovich Khvylya, Oleksandr Leopoldovich Khvylya or Alexander Leopoldovich Bressem was a Russian actor.

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