Russian actors who deceased at age 75

Here are 6 famous actors from Russia died at 75:

Constantin Stanislavski

Constantin Stanislavski (January 17, 1863 Moscow-August 7, 1938 Moscow) a.k.a. Konstantin Stanislavsky, Constantin Sergeyevich Stanislavski, Konstantin Sergeyevich Alekseyev or Konstantin Stanislavski was a Russian actor, theatre director and theatre practitioner.

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Yuri Nikulin

Yuri Nikulin (December 18, 1921 Demidov, Smolensk Oblast-August 21, 1997 Moscow) also known as Jurij Nikulin, Nikulin, Jurij, Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin, Yuriy Nikulin or Yu. Nikulin was a Russian clown, actor, comedian, mime artist, ringmaster and presenter. He had one child, Maksim Nikulin.

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Yuri Sergeevich Lavrov

Yuri Sergeevich Lavrov (March 14, 1905 Saint Petersburg-August 20, 1980 Kiev) otherwise known as Yu. Lavrov or Yuri Lavrov was a Russian actor. He had one child, Kirill Lavrov.

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Anatoli Ravikovich

Anatoli Ravikovich (December 24, 1936 Saint Petersburg-April 8, 2012 Saint Petersburg) also known as Anatoli Yuryevich Ravikovich, Anatoly Yuryevich Ravikovich, Anatoly Ravikovich, A. Ravikovich or Anatoliy Ravikovich was a Russian actor. His children are Yelizaveta Ravikovich and Mariya Ravikovich.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Semyon Farada

Semyon Farada (December 31, 1933 Moscow-August 20, 2009 Moscow) a.k.a. Semyon Lvovich Ferdman, S. Farada or Semyon L'vovich Ferdman PAR was a Russian actor. He had one child, Mikhail Politseymako.

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Dmitri Plavinsky

Dmitri Plavinsky (April 28, 1937 Moscow-September 1, 2012 Moscow) was a Russian painter and actor.

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