Russian movie stars died in 1976

Here are 5 famous actors from Russian Empire died in 1976:

Victor Tourjansky

Victor Tourjansky (March 4, 1891 Kiev-August 13, 1976 Munich) a.k.a. Viktor Tourjansky, Viatcheslav Tourjansky, Arnaldo Genoino, Viktor von Tourjansky, Tourjansky, Tourjanski, Vyacheslav Turzhansky, V. Turzhansky, Vyacheslav Tourjansky, W. Tourjansky, Viktor Turzhansky, V. Tourjansky, Victor Tourjanski or Vyacheslav Konstantinovich Turzhanskiy was a Russian film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Mikhail Yanshin

Mikhail Yanshin (October 20, 1902 Yukhnov-July 17, 1976 Moscow) also known as M. Yanshin, M.M. Yanshin or Mikhail Mikhailovich Yanshin was a Russian actor, theatre director, voice actor and screenwriter.

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Andrei Fajt

Andrei Fajt (August 29, 1903 Nizhny Novgorod-January 16, 1976 Moscow) also known as Andrej Fait, A.A. Fajt, A. Fayt, A.A Fajt, A. Fajt, Andrei Fait, A. Fait, Andrei Andreyevich Fajt, Andrey Fayt, Andrei Andreyevich Veit or Andrei Veit was a Russian actor. He had one child, Yuli Fajt.

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Boris Zakhava

Boris Zakhava (May 24, 1896 Pavlohrad-November 12, 1976 Moscow) also known as Boris Evgenyevich Zakhava was a Russian actor and theatre director. His children are called Natalya Zakhava-Nekrasova and Tatiana Zakhava.

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Alexander Khvylya

Alexander Khvylya (July 15, 1905 Kostiantynivka Raion-October 17, 1976 Moscow) also known as Aleksandr Khvylya, A. Khvyla, A.Khvylya, A. Khvylya, Aleksandr Leopoldovich Khvylya, Alexander Leopoldovich Khvylya, Oleksandr Leopoldovich Khvylya or Alexander Leopoldovich Bressem was a Russian actor.

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