Russian actors who deceased in 1979

Here are 2 famous actors from Russia died in 1979:

Léonide Massine

Léonide Massine (August 9, 1896 Moscow-March 15, 1979 Cologne) also known as Leonide Massine, Léonide Massine, Masine & Nikitina, Leonid Fedorovitch Miassine, Leonid Myasin or Leonid Fyodorovich Myasin was a Russian actor, dancer and choreographer. He had four children, Lorca Myasin, Tatiania Myasin, Peter Myasin and Theodor Myasin.

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Nikolai Plotnikov

Nikolai Plotnikov (November 5, 1897 Vyazma-February 3, 1979 Moscow) also known as P. Plotnikov, Nikolai Sergeyevich Plotnikov or N. Plotnikov was a Russian actor.

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