Russian movie stars died in 1993

Here are 3 famous actors from Russian Empire died in 1993:

Alexandre Mnouchkine

Alexandre Mnouchkine (February 10, 1908 Saint Petersburg-April 3, 1993 Neuilly-sur-Seine) also known as Alexandre Alexandrovich Mnouchkine, Aleksandr Mnushkin, Alexander Mnouchkine or A. Mnouchkine was a Russian film producer and actor. His children are called Ariane Mnouchkine and Joelle Mnouchkine.

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Georgy Millyar

Georgy Millyar (November 7, 1903 Moscow-June 4, 1993 Moscow) a.k.a. Y. Millyar, G. Millyar, Yu. Millar, Yu. Millyar, Georgij Miljar, Georgi Frantsevich Milliar, Georgy Frantsevich Millyar, Georgi Frantsevich Millyar, Georgi Milliar, Georgiy Millyar, Georgy Milliar, Georgy Frantsevich Milliar or Yu. Milyar was a Russian actor and screenwriter.

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Pavel Pavlenko

Pavel Pavlenko (September 20, 1902 Kiev-March 9, 1993 Moscow) also known as P. Pavlenko or Pavel Pavlovich Pavlenko was a Russian actor.

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