Russian actors who deceased in 2008

Here are 7 famous actors from Russia died in 2008:

Igor Dmitriev

Igor Dmitriev (May 29, 1927 Saint Petersburg-January 26, 2008 Saint Petersburg) a.k.a. Igor Dmitriyev, Igor Borisovich Dmitriev, I. Dmitriev or I.Dmitriev was a Russian actor and voice actor. His child is called Alexey Dmitriev.

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Mikhail Pugovkin

Mikhail Pugovkin (July 13, 1923 Chukhlomsky District-July 25, 2008 Moscow) also known as Mikhail Ivanovich Pugonjkin, M. Pugovkin, Mikhail Ivanovich Pugon'kin or Mikhail Ivanovich Pugovkin was a Russian actor. He had one child, Elena Pugovkina.

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Andrei Tolubeyev

Andrei Tolubeyev (March 30, 1945 Saint Petersburg-April 7, 2008 St. Petersburg) a.k.a. Andrej Boltnev, Andrei Yurevich Tolubeyev, Andrei Yuryevich Tolubeyev, Andrei Toloubeev, Andrei Tolubeev or Andrei Yurevich Tolubeev was a Russian actor, author and voice actor. His children are called Yelizaveta Tolubeyeva and Nadezhda Tolubeyeva.

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Vladimir Troshin

Vladimir Troshin (May 15, 1926 Mikhaylovsk-February 25, 2008 Moscow) also known as V. Troshin or Vladimir Konstantinovich Troshin was a Russian singer and actor.

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Boris Khmelnitsky

Boris Khmelnitsky (June 27, 1940 Ussuriysk-February 16, 2008 Moscow) also known as Борис Александрович Хмельницкий, Boris Alexandrovich Khmelnitsky or Boris Alekseevich Khmelnitsky was a Russian actor and composer. He had two children, Darya Khmelnitskaya and Aleksey Khmelnitskiy.

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Aleksandr Abdulov

Aleksandr Abdulov (May 29, 1953 Tobolsk-January 3, 2008 Moscow) otherwise known as Aleksandr Gavrilovich Abdulov, A. Abdulov or Alexander Abdulov was a Russian actor, screenwriter, film director and voice actor. His children are called Eugenia Abdulova and Ksenia Alferova.

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Gleb Plaksin

Gleb Plaksin (August 16, 1925 Lyon-November 21, 2008 Moscow) also known as Gleb Vasilyevich Plaksin, G. Plaksin or Gleb Plaxin was a Russian actor.

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