Russian actors died because of Stroke

Here are 2 famous actors from Russian Empire died in Stroke:

Vladimir Sokoloff

Vladimir Sokoloff (December 26, 1889 Moscow-February 15, 1962 Hollywood) also known as Vladimir Nikolaevich Sokoloff, Vladimir Sokolov, Waldemar Sokoloff, Sokoloff, Vladimir Nikolayevich Sokoloff, Wladimir Sokolow, Wladimir Sokoloff, Vl. Sokoloff or Vladimir Alexandrovitch Sokoloff was a Russian actor.

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Leon Belasco

Leon Belasco (October 11, 1902 Odessa-June 1, 1988 Orange) also known as Leonid Simeonovich Berladsky was a Russian actor, musician and violinist.

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