Russian actresses who were born in 1949

Here are 7 famous actresses from Russia were born in 1949:

Irina Muravyova

Irina Muravyova (February 8, 1949 Moscow-) a.k.a. Irina Vadimovna Muravyova, I. Muraveva, I. Muravyova or Muravyeva, Irina is a Russian actor. She has two children, Daniil Leonidovich Ejdlin and Eugeny Leonidovich Ejdlin.

Lyubov Polishchuk

Lyubov Polishchuk (May 21, 1949 Omsk-November 28, 2006 Moscow) also known as Lyubov Grigoryevna Polishchuk, L. Polishchuk or Lubo Polishchuk was a Russian actor. She had two children, Marietta Polishchuk-Tsigal and Alexei Makarov.

Yelena Prudnikova

Yelena Prudnikova (May 19, 1949 Rostov-on-Don-) also known as Yelena Smirnova, Yelena Iosifovna Prudnikova or E. Prudnikova is a Russian actor. Her children are called Aleksey Smirnov, Aglaya Smirnova and Aleksandra Smirnova.

Galina Popova

Galina Popova (January 2, 1949 Moscow-) is a Russian actor.

Irina Dolganova

Irina Dolganova (August 13, 1949 Mykolaiv-) otherwise known as I. Dolganova or Irina Valeriyevna Dolganova is a Russian actor.

Olga Naumenko

Olga Naumenko (December 6, 1949 Moscow-) also known as Ольга Николаевна Науменко is a Russian actor.

Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva (April 15, 1949 Moscow-) a.k.a. Алла Пугачёва, Alla Pugach'e'va, Alla Pugachova, Alla Pugachëva, alla_pugacheva, Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, Pugacheva, Alla, Pugachova, Alla Pugatschowa, Alla Pugachyova or Boris Gorbonos is a Russian singer, actor and composer. She has three children, Kristina Orbakaitė, Lisa Galkin and Harry Galkin.

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