Russian actresses who were born in 1973

Here are 7 famous actresses from Russia were born in 1973:

Julia Vysotskaya

Julia Vysotskaya (August 16, 1973 Novocherkassk-) also known as Yu. Vysotskaya, Yulia Visotskaya, Julia Vysotsky, Julia Visotskaya, Yuliya Aleksandrovna Vysotskaya, Julia Aleksandrovna Vysotskaya or Yuliya Vysotskaya is a Russian actor and presenter. She has two children, Pyotr Konchalovsky and Maria Konchalovskaya.

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Maria Mironova

Maria Mironova (May 28, 1973 Moscow-) also known as Mariya Andreevna Mironova, Masha Mironova, Marsha Merown or Mariya Mironova is a Russian actor. Her child is called Andrei Udalov.

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Mariya Zhukova

Mariya Zhukova (February 2, 1973 Aldan-) a.k.a. Maria Joukova is a Russian actor.

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Yekaterina Rednikova

Yekaterina Rednikova (May 17, 1973 Moscow-) also known as Ekaterina Rednikova, Catherine V. Rednikova or Ekaterina Valerevna Rednikova is a Russian actor and voice actor. She has one child, Lavr Konov.

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Ulyana Lopatkina

Ulyana Lopatkina (October 23, 1973 Kerch-) also known as Ульяна Вячеславовна Лопаткина or Ulyana Vyacheslavovna Lopatkina is a Russian actor and ballet dancer. She has one child, Masha Kornev.

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Yuliya Novikova

Yuliya Novikova (February 8, 1973 Soviet Union-) also known as Yuliya Gennadyevna Novikova is a Russian actor.

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Angelina Chernova

Angelina Chernova (December 27, 1973 Kislovodsk-) is a Russian actor and fashion model. Her children are called Dean Kachanova and Gara Kachanova.

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