Russian actresses who deceased in 1998

Here are 3 famous actresses from Russia died in 1998:

Galina Ulanova

Galina Ulanova (January 8, 1910 Saint Petersburg-March 21, 1998 Moscow) was a Russian actor and ballet dancer.

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Assia Noris

Assia Noris (February 16, 1912 Saint Petersburg-January 27, 1998 Sanremo) also known as Anastasia Noris von Gerzfeld was a Russian actor.

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Larisa Tarkovskaya

Larisa Tarkovskaya (April 15, 1938 Soviet Union-February 19, 1998 Paris) also known as Larissa Tarkovsky, Larisa Pavlovna Egorkina, Larisa Kizilova or Larissa Kizilova was a Russian actor. She had two children, Olga Kizilova and Andrei Andreyevich Tarkovsky.

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