Russian musicians who were born in 1940

Here are 5 famous musicians from Russia were born in 1940:

Veniamin Smekhov

Veniamin Smekhov (August 10, 1940 Moscow-) also known as Venyamin Smekhov, V. Smekhov, Veniamin Borisovich Smekhov, Вениами́н Бори́сович Сме́хов or Benjamin Smekhov is a Russian actor. He has two children, Alika Smekhova and Elena Smekhova.

His albums include .

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Vyacheslav Artyomov

Vyacheslav Artyomov (June 29, 1940 Moscow-) otherwise known as Artyomov, Vyacheslav Petrovich, V. Artemov, V. Artyomov, Vyacheslav Petrovich Artyomov or Вячеслав Петрович Артёмов is a Russian film score composer, composer and musician.

Discography: Invocations (Mark Pekarsky Percussion Ensemble).

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Nina Shatskaya

Nina Shatskaya (March 16, 1940 Moscow-) also known as Nina Sergeievna Shatskaya is a Russian actor. Her child is called Denis Zolotukhin.

Genres: Jazz and Romance.

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Dmitri Kitajenko

Dmitri Kitajenko (August 18, 1940 Saint Petersburg-) a.k.a. Dmitri Kitaenko, Дмитрий Георгиевич Китаенко, Kitajenko, Dmitri, Dmitri Georgievich Kitayenko or Dmitri Georgievich Kitaïenko is a Russian conductor.

His albums: Symphonies nos. 6 & 12, International Tchaikovsky Competition 1990 Winners' Gala (Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor: Dimitri Kitaenko), Gubaidulina: Alleluia / Górecki: Miserere, Op. 44, Dukas: The Sorcerer's Apprentice / Mussorgsky: A Night on the Bare Mountain / Ravel: Boléro, The Symphonies: Complete Recording, , Piano Concerto / Sonata Op. 7 / Lyric Pieces Opp. 43, 54 & 65, , Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2 / Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 3 (Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankurt feat. conductor: Dmitri Kitaenko, piano: Vladimir Kraniev) and Piano Concertos 1-5.

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Alexei Khvostenko

Alexei Khvostenko (November 14, 1940 Yekaterinburg-November 30, 2004 Moscow) also known as Alexei Hvostenko, Хвост, Khvostenko, Alexei, Khvost, Aleksei Khvostenko or Aleksei Lvovich Khvostenko was a Russian artist, poet, songwriter, singer-songwriter, singer, sculptor, visual artist and musician. His child is called Anna Khvostenko.

His albums: Сноп Снов. Genres he performed include Bard.

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