Russian musicians who were born in 1963

Here are 9 famous musicians from Russia were born in 1963:

Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov (April 13, 1963 Baku-) a.k.a. Garrik Kimovich Weinstein, Garry Kimovich Vajnshtejn, G. K. Kasparov, Garri Kimovich Kasparov, G. Kasparov or Garik Kimovich Weinstein is a Russian politician, writer, critic and professional chess player. His children are Aida Kasparova, Polina Kasparova and Vadim Kasparov.

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Mikhail Scherbakov

Mikhail Scherbakov (March 27, 1963 Obninsk-) also known as Михаил Щербаков, Ìèõàèë Ùåðáàêîâ, Mikhail Shcherbakov, М. Щербаков, Mikhail Cherbakov, Михаил Константинович Щербаков, Mikhail Sherbakov, М.К.Щербаков, М.Щербаков or Scherbakov, Mikhail is a Russian , .

His most recognized albums: Шансон, , , , Балаган 2, , , Заклинание, and .

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Ilya Kaler

Ilya Kaler (June 2, 1963 Moscow-) also known as Kaler, Ilya is a Russian violinist.

His most recognized albums: Brahms: Double Concerto for Violin & Cello, op. 102 / Schumann: Cello Concerto in A Minor, op. 129 and Glazunov: Violin Concerto / Dvořák: Violin Concerto / Romance, op. 11.

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Sergey Mavrin

Sergey Mavrin (February 28, 1963 Kazan-) a.k.a. Sergey Konstantinovich Mavrin, Mavrick, Sergei Mavrin or Mavrin, Sergei is a Russian musician.

His albums include , , , , , Live, Фортуна, , and Smutnoye Vremia. Genres he performed: Heavy metal, Progressive metal and Hard rock.

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Konstantin Scherbakov

Konstantin Scherbakov (June 11, 1963 Barnaul-) a.k.a. Scherbakov, Konstantin is a Russian pianist.

Discography: Me: On Wings of Song, Piano Music, Volume 4: Triakontameron: 30 Moods and Scenes in Triple Measure, , , , Complete Piano Music, Volume 18: Symphonies nos. 1 & 3 (Piano Transcriptions), 24 Preludes and Fugues, op. 87 and Piano Sonata No. 1 / 24 Preludes.

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Lolita Milyavskaya

Lolita Milyavskaya (November 14, 1963 Mukacheve-) also known as Lolita Markovna Milyavskaya, Lolita, Лолита Милявская, Lolita Milyavskaya or Milyavskaya, Lolita is a Russian singer, actor, film director and television director. She has one child, Eva Tsekalo.

Discography: Формат, , Ориентация Север, , , Неформат, Запавшее and Фетиш. Genres related to her: Pop music and Russian pop.

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Mikhail Yefremov

Mikhail Yefremov (November 10, 1963 Moscow-) also known as Misha Efremov, M.Yefremov, Efremov, Mikhail, Mikhail Efremov or Michail Efremov is a Russian actor and television presenter. He has six children, Nadezhda Efremova, Vera Efremova, Anna-Maria Efremova, Nikita Efremov, Nikolai Yefremov and Boris Efremov.

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Dmitriy Pevtsov

Dmitriy Pevtsov (July 8, 1963 Moscow-) otherwise known as Dmitri Pevtsov, Dmitri Anatolyevich Pevtsov, Dmitriv Pevcov, Dmitry Pevtsov, Dmitrij Pevcov, Dmitry Anatolyevich Pevtsov or Dmitriy Anatolevich Pevtsov is a Russian actor, singer and presenter. His children are Daniil Pevtsov and Elisey Pevtsov.

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Armen Martirosyan

Armen Martirosyan (February 25, 1963 Yerevan-) is a Russian musician, composer, songwriter and film score composer.

Genres: Jazz, Rhythm and blues, Funk and Pop music.

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