Russian musicians who were born in 1968

Here are 8 famous musicians from Russia were born in 1968:

Maxim Fadeev

Maxim Fadeev (May 6, 1968 Kurgan, Kurgan Oblast-) also known as Fadeev, Max is a Russian record producer, songwriter, composer, television producer, talent manager and singer.

His albums include The Red One: Triumph, Нега, , Tansuy Na Bitom Stekle and . Genres: Pop rock, Alternative rock and Trip hop.

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Eugene "Sdwig" Zvidionny

Eugene "Sdwig" Zvidionny (December 11, 1968 Vladivostok-) a.k.a. Евгений Звиденный or Zvidenny, Evgeny is a Russian musician.

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Sergey Nagovitsyn

Sergey Nagovitsyn (July 22, 1968-December 21, 1999 Perm) was a Russian singer.

Genres: Russian chanson.

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Valeriya (April 17, 1968 Atkarsk-) otherwise known as Valeria, Âàëåðèÿ or Алла Юрьевна Перфилова is a Russian singer. She has three children, Anna Shulgina, Artemy Shulgin and Arseny Shulgin.

Related albums: De-lux collection, Glaza Tsveta Neba, The Taiga Symphony, Anna, Pobud’ so Mnoi, Familia, Nepodkontrolno/ Out Of Control, Strana Lyubvi, Samoye Luchoe and Out of Control. Her related genres: Pop music.

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Max Pokrovsky

Max Pokrovsky (June 17, 1968 Moscow-) otherwise known as Pokrovsky, Maksim Sergeyevich, Maksim Pokrovskiy, Max Pokrovskiy or Maxim Sergeevich Pokrovskiy is a Russian musician, songwriter, disc jockey and actor. He has two children, Iliya Pokrovskiy and Taisia Pokrovskaya.

Discography: . Genres he performed: Indie rock, Alternative rock, Punk rock and Russian rock.

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Oleg Pogudin

Oleg Pogudin (December 22, 1968 Saint Petersburg-) also known as Pogudin, Oleg or Oleg Evgenevich Pogudin is a Russian actor, singer and presenter.

His most well known albums: Панихида хрустальная: песни А. Вертинского, , and . Genres he performed: Romance and Classical music.

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Ilya Lagutenko

Ilya Lagutenko (October 16, 1968 Moscow-) also known as Lagutenko, Ilia or Ilya Igorevich Lagutenko is a Russian singer, guitarist, composer, film score composer and actor. He has three children, Igor Lagutenko, Valentina-Veronika Lagutenko and Leticia Lagutenko.

His albums include and . Genres he performed: Pop rock, Britpop and Pop music.

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Oleg Pungin

Oleg Pungin (November 16, 1968 Vladivostok-) also known as Pungin, Oleg or Олег Пунгин is a Russian musician and drummer.

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