Russian musicians who were born in 1973

Here are 10 famous musicians from Russia were born in 1973:

Aleksey Igudesman

Aleksey Igudesman (July 22, 1973 Saint Petersburg-) also known as Алексей Самуилович Игудесман is a Russian comedian, composer, violinist, actor and conductor.

Genres related to him: Pop music and Classical music.

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Lera Auerbach

Lera Auerbach (October 21, 1973 Chelyabinsk-) a.k.a. Лера Авербах or Auerbach, Lera is a Russian writer, pianist and composer.

Her albums: Preludes and Dreams, 24 Preludes for Violin and Piano / T'filah / Postlude, , Ballet for a Lonely Violinist, A Century of Russian Colours, and Tolstoy’s Waltz.

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Yuri Tsaler

Yuri Tsaler (May 22, 1973 Pervouralsk-) also known as Юрий Цалер, Jurij Tsaler, Yuri Caler, Yuriy Tsaler or Tsaler, Yuri is a Russian musician.

His most recognized albums: .

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Irina Diukova

Irina Diukova (November 10, 1973-) is a Russian singer.

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Ruslan Sviridov

Ruslan Sviridov (January 18, 1973 Tambov-) is a Russian teacher and pianist.

Genres he performed: Classical music.

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Sergei Shnurov

Sergei Shnurov (April 13, 1973 Saint Petersburg-) also known as Sergej Shnurow, Sergey Shnurov, Sergej Shnurov, Shnurov, Sergej, Shnur, Sergey Vladimirovich Shnurov or Leningrad is a Russian singer, actor, film score composer, songwriter, musician, composer, painter, tv personality, guitarist, bassist, entertainer and poet. He has two children, Siham Shnurova and Apollon Shnurov.

His albums include Vtoroi Magadanskiy and . Genres he performed include Rock music, Ska and Ska punk.

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Sergey Bezrukov

Sergey Bezrukov (October 18, 1973 Moscow-) otherwise known as Sergei Vitalyevich Bezrukov, Sergey Vitalevich Bezrukov, Sergey Bezrukov, Sergey Vitalyevich Bezrukov, Sergej Bezrukov or Sergei Bezrukov is a Russian actor, voice actor, composer, singer, artist and musician. His children are Alexandra Bezrukova and Ivan Bezrukov.

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Natasha Koroleva

Natasha Koroleva (May 31, 1973 Kiev-) also known as Наташа Королёва, Natasha Korolyova, Наталья Порывай or Koroleva, Natasha is a Russian singer. She has one child, Arhip Glushko.

Her albums: Fragments of the Past, Heart, Paradise Where Are You, Believe It or Not, Oskolki proshlogo and Порочен я тобой. Genres: Pop music.

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Yuri Shatunov

Yuri Shatunov (September 6, 1973 Kumertau-) is a Russian singer and musician. He has one child, Dennis Shatunov.

His discography includes: Gold Album and . Genres he performed: Russian pop and Dance music.

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Ivan Farmakovsky

Ivan Farmakovsky (February 1, 1973 Moscow-) is a Russian pianist.

Genres he performed include Jazz.

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