Russian music stars who deceased at age 33

Here are 7 famous musicians from Russia died at 33:

Ivan II of Moscow

Ivan II of Moscow (March 30, 1326 Moscow-November 13, 1359 Moscow) was a Russian personality. He had one child, Dmitry Donskoy.

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Nikolay Pilyugin

Nikolay Pilyugin (April 5, 2015 Russian Empire-April 5, 1982) also known as Nikolai Alekseevich Pilyugin or Nikolay Pilugin was a Russian aerospace engineer and engineer.

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Yakov Sverdlov

Yakov Sverdlov (June 3, 1885 Nizhny Novgorod-March 16, 1919 Moscow) also known as Yakov Mikhaylovich Sverdlov was a Russian politician.

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Vsevolod Rauzer

Vsevolod Rauzer (October 16, 1908-December 29, 1941 Saint Petersburg) was a Russian personality.

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Ivan Babushkin

Ivan Babushkin (January 3, 1873 Vologda Governorate-January 18, 1906 Babushkin) was a Russian personality.

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Malik Akhmedilov

Malik Akhmedilov (April 5, 1976-August 11, 2009 Dagestan) was a Russian personality.

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Alexey Sudayev

Alexey Sudayev (August 23, 1912 Alatyr, Chuvash Republic-August 17, 1946 Moscow) was a Russian engineer.

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