Russian musicians died at 44

Here are 2 famous musicians from Russian Empire died at 44:

Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov (January 29, 1860 Taganrog-July 15, 1904 Badenweiler) a.k.a. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Anton Pavlovitch Chekhov, A.P. Chekhov, Chekhov, A. P. Chekhov, Anton Chekov, Dr. Anton Chekhov, Csehov, Anton Cecov, Anton P. Cechov, Anton B. Tsjechow, Anton Chechov, Anton Tsjechow, Anton Chejov, Anton Tsjekov, Anton Tchekhov, A.P. Csehov, Anton Tchekov, Anton Cechov, Anton Tschechow, Anton Tjechov, Anton Tshehov, Anton Tsehov, Antosha Chekhonte, Anton Pavlovitch Tchekhov, Anton Cecof, Anton P. Txèkhov, Anton Pavlovic Cechov or Chekov was a Russian physician, author, playwright and dramaturge.

He died caused by tuberculosis.

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Mykola Kulish

Mykola Kulish (December 19, 1892 Chaplynka-November 3, 1937 Sandarmokh) a.k.a. Mykola Hurovych Kulish was a Russian playwright, writer, journalist and educator.

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