Russian musicians died at 58

Here are 3 famous musicians from Russian Empire died at 58:

Otto von Kotzebue

Otto von Kotzebue (December 30, 1787 Tallinn-February 15, 1846 Tallinn) was a Russian navigator, naval officer and explorer.

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Ivan Lebedeff

Ivan Lebedeff (June 18, 1894 UÅūpaliai-March 31, 1953 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Ivan B. Lebedeff, Ivan Basil Lebedeff or Jean Basil Lebedeff was a Russian actor.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Ossip Runitsch

Ossip Runitsch (April 5, 1889 Saint Petersburg-April 6, 1947 Johannesburg) also known as Osip Runich, Ossip Runitch, Giuseppe Runitsch, Osip Ilyich Runich, Osip Ivanovich Runich or Osip Fradkin was a Russian actor, theatre director and theatrical producer.

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