Russian musicians died at 73

Here are 11 famous musicians from Russian Empire died at 73:

Wawrzyniec Cyl

Wawrzyniec Cyl (July 2, 1900 Łódź-February 7, 1974 Łódź) was a Russian personality.

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Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen

Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen (September 20, 1778 Saaremaa-January 25, 1852 Kronstadt) was a Russian naval officer and explorer.

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Ferdinand von Wrangel

Ferdinand von Wrangel (December 29, 1796 Livonia-June 6, 1870 Tartu) also known as Ferdinand Petrovich Wrangel was a Russian explorer, nobleman and naval officer.

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Victor Trivas

Victor Trivas (July 9, 1896 Saint Petersburg-April 12, 1970 New York City) was a Russian film art director, screenwriter and film director.

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Nina Koshetz

Nina Koshetz (December 30, 1891 Kiev-May 14, 1965 Santa Ana) a.k.a. Nina Koschetz or Mme. Nina Koshetz was a Russian actor and opera singer. She had one child, Marina Koshetz.

Her albums: Estrellita / Serenata Mexicana.

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Alexandra Sorina

Alexandra Sorina (September 17, 1899 Baranovichi-May 31, 1973 San Rafael) otherwise known as Agnes Soriana, Nica Sorina, Alexandra Zorina or Aleksandra Tsvikevich was a Russian actor.

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Mikhail Yanshin

Mikhail Yanshin (October 20, 1902 Yukhnov-July 17, 1976 Moscow) also known as M. Yanshin, M.M. Yanshin or Mikhail Mikhailovich Yanshin was a Russian actor, theatre director, voice actor and screenwriter.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Maria Ouspenskaya

Maria Ouspenskaya (July 29, 1876 Tula-December 3, 1949 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Maria Alekseyevna Ouspenskaya was a Russian actor and teacher.

She died in stroke.

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Jan Koecher

Jan Koecher (January 16, 1908 Warsaw-May 11, 1981 Warsaw) was a Russian actor and film director.

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Artemi Ayvazyan

Artemi Ayvazyan (June 26, 1902 Baku-November 14, 1975 Yerevan) also known as A. Ayvazyan or Artemi (Harutyun) Ayvazyan was a Russian composer.

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Hamo Beknazarian

Hamo Beknazarian (May 19, 1891 Yerevan-April 27, 1965 Moscow) also known as Hamo Bek-Nazarov, Amo Bek-Nazarian, Ambartsum Ivanovich Bek-Nazarov, H. Bek-Nazarov, Amo Bek-Nasarov, Amo Bek-Nazarov, A. Bek-Nazarovi, Aleqsandre Bek-Nazarovi, Hamo Bek-Nazaryan or Amo Beknazarov was a Russian film director, screenwriter, actor and athlete.

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