Russian musicians died at 79

Here are 10 famous musicians from Russian Empire died at 79:

Arnolds Tauriņš

Arnolds Tauriņš (August 10, 1905 Russian Empire-August 20, 1984 Milwaukee) was a Russian personality.

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Nicolai Costenco

Nicolai Costenco (December 21, 1913 Chișinău-July 29, 1993 Chișinău) was a Russian personality.

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Ivan Schmalhausen

Ivan Schmalhausen (April 23, 1884 Kiev-October 7, 1963 Saint Petersburg) also known as I. I. Schmalhausen was a Russian personality.

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Ivan Turchaninov

Ivan Turchaninov (January 30, 1822 Don Host Oblast-June 18, 1901 Anna) a.k.a. John Basil Turchin was a Russian cossack.

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Sophie Tucker

Sophie Tucker (January 13, 1887 Russia-February 9, 1966 New York City) a.k.a. Sophie Kalish was a Russian singer, comedian and actor.

Her albums include Last of the Red Hot Mommas, The Great Sophie Tucker, Origins Of The Red Hot Mama, 1910-1922 and Some of These Days. Genres: Jazz.

She died as a result of lung cancer.

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Nikolai Bulganin

Nikolai Bulganin (June 11, 1895 Nizhny Novgorod-February 24, 1975 Moscow) otherwise known as Nikolai Alexandrovich Bulganin, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Bulganin or Nykolaj Bulganyin was a Russian politician and military officer.

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George Balanchine

George Balanchine (January 22, 1904 Saint Petersburg-April 30, 1983 New York City) also known as Georgy Melitonovich Balanchivadze, Giorgi Melitonovitch Balanchivadze, Georgi Melitonovitch Balanchivadze or Giorgi Balanchivadze was a Russian choreographer and ballet master.

He died in creutzfeldt–jakob disease.

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Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky

Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky (November 25, 1838 Stebliv-April 15, 1918 Kiev) also known as Nechuy was a Russian writer.

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Dimitri Tavadze

Dimitri Tavadze (February 6, 1911 Russian Empire-March 6, 1990 Tbilisi) was a Russian scenographer and visual artist.

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Abram Samoilovitch Besicovitch

Abram Samoilovitch Besicovitch (January 23, 1891 Berdyansk-November 2, 1970 Cambridge) was a Russian scientist and mathematician.

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