Russian musicians died at 80

Here are 9 famous musicians from Russian Empire died at 80:

Boris Chirkov

Boris Chirkov (August 13, 1901 Lozova-May 28, 1982 Moscow) also known as Boris Petrovich Chirkov, B. Chirkov or Борис Петрович Чирков was a Russian actor.

He died caused by heart failure.

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André Andrejew

André Andrejew (January 21, 1887 Šiauliai-March 13, 1967 Loudun) a.k.a. Andre Andrejew, Andreieff, Andrei Andreiev, A. Andrejew, Andrei Andrejew, Andrewe Andrejew, Andrejew, Andreïev, Andrej Andreieff, Andrej Andrejew, André Andrejew or Andrej Andreieff in Italian version was a Russian production designer, film art director and set decorator.

He died as a result of natural causes.

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Tamara Shayne

Tamara Shayne (November 25, 1902 Perm-October 23, 1983 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Tamara Shane, Tamara Nikoulin or Тамара Никулина was a Russian actor.

She died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Nikolay Bogolyubov

Nikolay Bogolyubov (October 22, 1899 Ivanovskoye District-March 9, 1980 Moscow) also known as N. Bogolyubov or Nikolai Ivanovich Bogolyubov was a Russian actor.

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Grigori Aleksandrov

Grigori Aleksandrov (January 23, 1903 Yekaterinburg-December 16, 1983 Moscow) a.k.a. Grigori Alexandrov, Grigori Vasilyevich Aleksandrov, Mormonenko, G. V. Aleksandrov, T. Aleksandrov, Gregory Alexandrov, G. V. Alexandroff, Grigori Vasilyevich Marmonenko, G.V. Aleksandrov, G. Aleksandrova, Grigori Vasilyevich Mormonenko, Grigori Aleksandrow or G. Aleksandrov was a Russian screenwriter, film director, actor and film editor. He had one child, Duglas Aleksandrov.

He died in pyelonephritis.

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Konstantin Posse

Konstantin Posse (September 29, 1847-August 24, 1928) was a Russian personality.

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Boris Zakhava

Boris Zakhava (May 24, 1896 Pavlohrad-November 12, 1976 Moscow) also known as Boris Evgenyevich Zakhava was a Russian actor and theatre director. His children are Natalya Zakhava-Nekrasova and Tatiana Zakhava.

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Sergei Yutkevich

Sergei Yutkevich (December 28, 1904 Saint Petersburg-April 23, 1985 Moscow) a.k.a. S. Yutkevich, Sergei Iosifovich Yutkevich, Sergei Yosifovich Yutkevich or Sergei I. Jutkiewicz was a Russian screenwriter and film director.

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Felix Yusupov

Felix Yusupov (March 23, 1887 Saint Petersburg-September 27, 1967 Paris) also known as Feliks Yusupov, Prince Felix Felixovich Yusupov, Prince Felix Yusupov, Prince Felix Felixovich Yusupov, Count Sumarokov-Elston or Prince Félix Youssoupov was a Russian author. His child is called Irina Yusupova.

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