Serbian movie actors born in the year 1947

Here are 7 famous actors from Serbia were born in 1947:

Predrag Ejdus

Predrag Ejdus (July 24, 1947 Belgrade-) a.k.a. Peca or Предраг Ејдус is a Serbian actor. He has two children, Vanja Ejdus and Filip Ejdus.

Marin Babik

Marin Babik (October 24, 1947 Belgrade-) a.k.a. Marin Babikj or Marin Babic is a Serbian actor.

Dragoljub Vojnov

Dragoljub Vojnov (September 2, 1947 Belgrade-) also known as Dragan Vojinov, Dragan Vojnov or Drag Vojnov is a Serbian film producer and actor. He has one child, Dmitrie Vojnov.

Ljubiša Ristić

Ljubiša Ristić (February 8, 1947 Pristina-) is a Serbian actor, film director, screenwriter and theatre director.

Vladimir Jeftović

Vladimir Jeftović (April 30, 1947 Zemun-June 12, 2013 Belgrade) a.k.a. Vladimir Jeftovic, Vlada Jevtovic or Vladimir Jevtovic was a Serbian actor and professor. He had two children, Ivan Jevtovic and Jakov Jevtovic.

Zoran Miljkovic

Zoran Miljkovic (July 25, 1947 Belgrade-) is a Serbian actor.

Zeljko Mavrovic

Zeljko Mavrovic (February 17, 1947 Belgrade-) is a Serbian actor.

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