Serbian movie actors born in the year 1968

Here are 5 famous actors from Serbia were born in 1968:

Vlade Divac

Vlade Divac (February 3, 1968 Prijepolje-) a.k.a. Владе Дивац is a Serbian basketball player and actor. His children are called Petra Divac, Matija Alexander Divac and Luka Andrej Divac.

Uliks Fehmiu

Uliks Fehmiu (July 3, 1968 Belgrade-) is a Serbian actor. He has one child, Nika Fehmiu.

Srdjan Miletic

Srdjan Miletic (February 11, 1968 Belgrade-) also known as Srđan Miletić is a Serbian actor.

Bogoljub Mitic

Bogoljub Mitic (January 12, 1968 Vlasotince-) a.k.a. Bata Djosa, Bogoljub Mitic-Djosa, Boge Miza or Djosa is a Serbian actor.

Zoltán Szőke

Zoltán Szőke (August 19, 1968 Novi Sad-) also known as Zoltán Szöke is a Serbian actor.

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