Serbian movie actresses born in the year 1953

Here are 5 famous actresses from Serbia were born in 1953:

Neda Arnerić

Neda Arnerić (July 15, 1953 Knjaževac-) also known as Neda Arneric or Neda Arnerikj is a Serbian actor and politician.

Danica Maksimovic

Danica Maksimovic (January 25, 1953 Reljinci-) is a Serbian actor. Her child is called Milos Lolic.

Radmila Živković

Radmila Živković (January 14, 1953 Kruševac-) also known as Radmila Zivkovic, Rada Zivkovic Bambic, Radmila Zivkovic Bambic, R. Zivkovic or Radmila Zivkovic-Bambic is a Serbian actor. She has one child, Bojana Bambic.

Tanja Bošković

Tanja Bošković (June 27, 1953 Belgrade-) also known as Tatjana Boskovic, Tanya Boskovich or Tanja Boskovic is a Serbian actor. Her children are called Lana Karaklajić and Đorđe Karaklajić.

Jelena Tinska

Jelena Tinska (April 25, 1953 Zemun-) also known as Jelena Petrovic is a Serbian journalist and actor. She has one child, Zelda Tinska.

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