Serbian musicians died when they were 59

Here are 3 famous musicians from Serbia died at 59:


Louis (June 25, 1952 Leskovac-July 31, 2011 Feketić) otherwise known as Ljubisa Stojanovic was a Serbian singer and songwriter.

His albums: Ciganski san, Čarobnjak, Pogled iznutra, The Best of Louis, Louis (leptir), Louis (uživo), Dunjo moja, Kamerav, My way II and My way I. Genres he performed: Folk music, Jazz and World music.

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Rexhai Surroi

Rexhai Surroi (June 8, 1929-December 22, 1988) also known as Redžaji Suroji was a Serbian politician, journalist, diplomat and writer. He had two children, Veton Surroi and Flaka Surroi.

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Žarko Jovanović

Žarko Jovanović (December 26, 1925 Batajnica-March 24, 1985 Paris) was a Serbian personality.

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