Serbian musicians died when they were 61

Here are 4 famous musicians from Serbia died at 61:

Milovan Glišić

Milovan Glišić (January 6, 1847 Valjevo-January 20, 1908 Ragusa) also known as Milovan Glisic was a Serbian screenwriter.

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Čedomir Mirković

Čedomir Mirković (January 18, 1944 Nevade-April 25, 2005 Belgrade) was a Serbian personality.

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Geza Silberer

Geza Silberer (December 1, 1876 Vršac-April 5, 1938 Vienna) a.k.a. Sil Vara, Sil-Vara, Gustav A. Geza Sil-Vara or Gustav A. "Geza" Silberer was a Serbian journalist, author and writer.

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Vladan Desnica

Vladan Desnica (September 17, 1905 Zadar-March 4, 1967 Zagreb) was a Serbian writer and novelist.

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