Serbian musicians died when they were 77

Here are 4 famous musicians from Serbia died at 77:

Ivo Škrabalo

Ivo Škrabalo (February 19, 1934 Sombor-September 18, 2011 Zagreb) a.k.a. Ivo Skrabalo was a Serbian screenwriter, politician and film critic.

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Dragan Lukić

Dragan Lukić (November 30, 1928 Belgrade-January 1, 2006 Belgrade) also known as Dragan Lukic was a Serbian writer.

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Peter I of Serbia

Peter I of Serbia (June 29, 1844 Belgrade-August 16, 1921 Belgrade) was a Serbian personality. He had five children, Princess Helen of Serbia, Alexander I of Yugoslavia, George, Crown Prince of Serbia, Milena Karađorđević and Andrija Karađorđević.

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Jovan Pavlović

Jovan Pavlović (October 22, 1936 Kingdom of Yugoslavia-April 3, 2014 Zagreb) was a Serbian clergy, teacher and monk.

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