Singaporean movie stars born in 1969

Here are 5 famous actors from Singapore were born in 1969:

Chin Han

Chin Han (November 27, 1969 Singapore-) a.k.a. Jinghan Huang, Chin-Han Ng, Chin Han Ng or Ng Chin Han is a Singaporean actor, theatre director and pianist.

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Hossan Leong

Hossan Leong (July 10, 1969 Singapore-) is a Singaporean actor.

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James Lye

James Lye (June 17, 1969 Singapore-) a.k.a. Lai Hing Cheung, Lài Xìngxiáng, 賴興祥 or 赖兴祥 is a Singaporean actor. He has three children, Jake Lye, Christy Lye and Jaymee Lye.

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John Batchelor

John Batchelor (September 25, 1969 Singapore-) a.k.a. John Bachelor or John David Batchelor is a Singaporean actor.

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Thomas Ong

Thomas Ong (February 1, 1969 Singapore-) is a Singaporean actor and presenter.

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