Singaporean movie stars died in 2013

Here are 3 famous actors from Singapore died in 2013:

Huang Wenyong

Huang Wenyong (July 25, 1952 Kuala Lumpur-April 20, 2013 Singapore General Hospital) was a Singaporean actor and teacher.

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John Cheng

John Cheng (November 27, 1961 Singapore-January 22, 2013 Singapore) also known as 鍾耀南, 钟耀南, John Cheng You Nam, zhōng yào nán, 阿南, Ah Nam, Zhong Yaonan, John Cheng Yeow Nam, Cheng Yeow Nam, Ah Nan, Chung Yiu-Nam or Zhong Yao Nan was a Singaporean actor and singer.

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S. Shamsuddin

S. Shamsuddin (January 1, 1929 Pasir Panjang-June 4, 2013 Jurong) a.k.a. Shamsuddin bin Dali was a Singaporean actor and comedian. His child is called Ariff Shamsuddin.

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